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“Soul of Freedom” is a song written by me, Joseph Wooten, “Hands of Soul”. I originally wrote this song with Steve Miller in mind. I was trying to write a song that answered the question, “What kind of song would the artist who performed ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ do these days?”

“Soul of Freedom” is meant to rock you, move you, and inspire you too. Jessie Wooten, my son, is on drums. Paul Allen (of Big & Rich) is on guitar, and John Billings, who engineered my first cd, “Hands Of Soul” is on bass. It was mixed by Chas Sanford who wrote John Waite’s “Missing You”. Chas also produced and engineered Chicago’s album, “Fifteen”.

Enjoy the music and remember, “When we change ourselves, then we change the world!”


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Soul of Freedom is a blend of melody, hard hitting rock guitars and a soulful vocal performance. “When we change ourselves, then we change the world…”